Thursday, January 14, 2021

Move More, Feel Better

Get up and dance through 2021

Apart from helping to relieve external stressers, dance makes your feel better and helps fight dementia (see: this WSJ article) — with a combo like that, give this New Year’s Resolution a try! Join our free classes for older adults. 

About the Class

The format of the hour and a half long class offers a forty five minute warm up that pulls from a number of dance disciplines and includes some floor exercises meant to strengthen back muscles.  There’s a section on across the floor technique and a small choreography at the end. Participants are encouraged to modify exercises and may opt-out of any section they choose. 


Classes are offered on Saturdays at 10:30am and Tuesdays at 6:00pm. Zoom invites are sent out early the day of each class. 


About the Instructor

Todd Whitley began his dance career as an adult, accumulating live, broadcast and film performances while maintaining a career as a digital strategist for nonprofits. He has received grants for a number of community based choreography projects and has been teaching classes for the past eight years. He feels strongly about the benefits of dance, both physical and as a tool to unlock creative thinking and problem solving.


About Fees

These classes are FREE! 


There are no fees for class. However, participants are encouraged to support three community-based organizations that support the arts:

The Masterwork Music and Art Foundation

PO Box 1116

Madison, NJ  07940

Friends of Beattie-Powers

P.O. Box 453

Catskill, NY 12414

The Athens Cultural Center

24 Second Street

Athens, New York 12015


Each of these organizations is promoting this offer in-kind. 


As with any dance class or school, neither The Masterwork Music and Art Foundation, nor the instructor are liable for individual injuries sustained in or out of class. 


For more information and to be receive class invites, email 






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  1. I am really enjoying the dance classes. It is a terrific workout that you can do at your own level. Thanks for making int available.


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