Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Songbird Sings

 A Stellar Evening of Song from Our Inaugural Premier Awardee, Stephanie Leotsakos

One of the bright spots in our 2020 was awarding our first Premier Award to an emerging vocal artist, the talented Stephanie Leotsakos

The brainchild of Masterwork Music and Art Foundation Board member, Wayne Walters, the Premier Award was offered to help an young artist advance their career. 

Our great appreciate to our volunteer adjudicators for meeting the challenge of the times by reviewing submissions virtually.  The esteemed group included Stephen Bryant, Hadiza Dockeray, Robert Hoven, Mathew Lee, Roberta Maher, Mary Elena Mammon, Rosemary Messineo, Denise Mihalik, Elizabeth Perryman, Patricia Ruggles, and Jay Tramm.

We had planned a concert to celebrate our awardee in the Spring, but modified our plans to present a socially distanced recital in the Fall, inviting a select few. We had the good sense to have the event professionally recorded by Christian Schuller of Happy Camper Creative and have included the links below. 

Special thanks to Joen Ferrari for providing catering for the event.

We hope you enjoy Stephanie's talent as much as we do. 

Please join us in extending our best wishes to Stephanie for what's sure to be a bright career. 

Stephanie Leotsakos, performing at the Madison Community Arts Center

Recital Program:

  • Introduction by Wayne Walters


  • Il vento (The Wind), by Raphael Fusco (2010)


  • E sera (Its Evening), by Raphael Fusco (2010)


  • I’m on a cloud, by Stephanie Leotsakos (2016)


  • Chi il bel sogno di Doretta (from La Rondine), by Giacomo Puccini


  • Vissi d’arte (from Tosca), by Giacomo Puccini


About the Masterwork Music and Art Foundation

The Masterwork Foundation has been supporting excellence in the arts for over 50 years. 100 percent of your donation funds art and artists through community grants, competitive awards and a premier award for an emerging artist. Find out more at www.masterworkarts.org  

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